Do NFL players get adjusted before or after the game? It is a common misconception that athletes get adjusted to treat injuries after the game. The reality is that professional athletes are always looking for ways to gain competitive advantage.

True elite performance is achieved through gaining that extra 1-2% in your performance wherever you find it. For many elite athletes, Chiropractic care is one of the things that gives them that competitive edge. This is because Chiropractic care supports elevated nervous system function.

Ultimately our nervous system is seeking to adapt to the stresses in our environment. The better we adapt to our environment the better we perform - in all areas of life. If your environment is a professional football game then your purest ability to adapt will equal your best possible performance.

Chiropractic care seeks to re-establish interference free connection from your body to your brain and from your brain to your body. This means you get the purest possible understanding of what you are required to adapt to - from pro football to the morning commute. It also brings the best possible control from your brain to your body. This gives your brain the absolute best possible tools to adapt to an ever changing environment.