Dr. Case is knowledgeable and highly professional. I had a very positive experience with him. His adjustments relieved the stiffness in my neck and the pain in my shoulders and arms significantly in just a few sessions. I found him to be generous with his time. I would definitely recommend a to visit to his office.
— Tim P

Dr Case is the first chiropractor I have ever seen. After having a somewhat uneasy feeling about adjustments, I can definitely say that my experience has been very good. He is very knowledgeable and his personality is wonderful - definitely makes my visits a positive experience!
— Rachel S

A true definition of a professional service! Dr Case is amazing. After a month of suffering severe back pain I went to visit him. On my second visit, I was free of pain and I still am 6 months later.
— Terry D

The best chiropractor in town. The moment you walk in they make you feel like at home. Staff and Dr Case are very helpful. They go a long way to make your visit as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Dr Case to anyone who is in need for a chiropractor. Hands down the best people in town.
— Karan G

Dr. Case is an amazing chiropractor.
Could barely walk when I first came to see him and after first session felt better. Dr has advised me I am healing a lot faster than expected.
Highly recommend Dr. Case
— Sarah W

I have been going here for all my chiropractic needs for a number of years now. Most recently now with Dr. Gordon Case. I have found it to be very professional, courteous, and willing to take the time to understand my body needs. Gordon is also very willing to share methodology and ways to self improve for long term care.
— Paul G

Dr Gordon is a very professional and caring person who takes time to listen to my problems and deal with it gently yet very effectively. His staff are very friendly and accommodating with my daily schedules.
I was suffering from car crash injuries when I got to him and now 7 months later I feel I am ready full steam. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.
Thanks Dr Gordon.
— John A

I am the proverbial skeptic, never trusting most Doctors when they barely touch you and write “candy” rXs without a word.

Chiropractic was a 50/50 proposition but I decided to bite the bullet after almost a year of crippling pain that Physio, Acupuncture, and rarely-used pain meds weren’t helping for a shoulder/arm/neck injury.

Well, the science behind the field is one thing but I *know* that it is the people that make it work in practice.
Dr. Case’s very warm and sympathetic demeanour helps put you at ease before you are even adjusted.
Always concerned with you, the patient, he spends time allaying any fears or anxieties you have, and is very accommodating with supporting you throughout a procedure.

I cannot reccommend him and his staff, enough, from just the one-two visits I’ve had where I can hold my head up without much pain like before.
— Majyk F