Welcome Megan Hofer – Our new Practice Manager

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Megan is a vibrant addition to the Case Family Chiropractic team, bringing with her a rich tapestry of experiences, skills, and a deep-rooted connection to the Surrey community. As our Practice Manager, Megan’s journey is marked by a unique blend of creativity, organization, and a profound dedication to health and wellness.

Rooted in Community

Raised in Surrey, Megan’s intimate understanding of the community serves as a guiding light in her approach to patient care and clinic management. Her educational background from the Wilson School of Design has equipped her with exceptional organizational abilities, alongside nurturing her talents as a seamstress and designer. This creative flair adds a refreshing dimension to our clinic, enhancing the patient experience with innovative ideas and a keen eye for detail.

A Global Perspective with a Local Touch

Megan’s linguistic prowess in French, coupled with her extensive travels across Spain, Mexico, Croatia, and Europe, enriches our clinic with a broad perspective on health and wellness practices from around the world. Despite her global adventures, Megan’s heart and efforts remain deeply entrenched in the local community, allowing her to bring the best of both worlds to our patients and team.

Driven by Compassion and Family Values

At the core of Megan’s life are her beloved corgi puppy, Sandy Cheeks, and a close-knit family that keeps her grounded. These personal connections reflect in her work, where she fosters a clinic environment that is not only professional but also compassionate and welcoming. Megan’s commitment to wellness extends beyond the clinic, embodying a holistic approach to health that resonates with our patients and staff alike.

A Fresh Energy in Health and Wellness

Megan’s role as Practice Manager is pivotal in ensuring our clinic operates smoothly, providing an environment where patients feel cared for and valued. Her ability to blend creativity with practicality, combined with her passion for health and wellness, positions Megan as a key figure in our mission to deliver outstanding care.

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Welcome Megan Hofer – Our new Practice Manager


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